Singapore’s pioneer and most trusted digital lending platform.

Actively connecting SMEs (small-to-medium enterprises) who are seeking short-term business loans with prospective investors who are looking for high-yield returns.

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Our Mission and Vision

Our vision is to empower private investors to earn better rates of interest by meeting the finance needs of growing businesses.

Our mission is:

(1) Help businesses grow via a trusted, collaborative funding platform

(2) Provide the Investor community with more choices of attractive yields

Our Team

Being involved in the financial sector for more than a decade, we realised that capital and opportunities gravitate towards the “big boys” and become motivated to address the structural impediments towards entrepreneurship, focusing on SMEs.

We have taken the lead to champion a specific process innovation that has taken root in many parts of the world – peer-to-peer lending. We feel that this new route of capital allocation will make the financial system more inclusive and participative for the benefit of the society at large.

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