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How the MoolahSense Platform Works: Part 1, The Dashboard

 How the MoolahSense Platform Works: Part 1, The Dashboard

How the Platform Works?

Are you an investor looking to diversify your investment portfolio? If you are, MoolahSense is here to help you to invest in reliable and credible Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore. Here at MoolahSense, you can invest in different SMEs from different industries and profile that has passed our strict selection criteria to minimize your risk while maximizing your returns.

In other words, after diversifying your investment portfolio from the traditional 60% equity and 40% bonds allocation, MoolahSense would allow you to diversify your bond/debt allocation with a diverse base of local SMEs.

You can start with one (1) corporate borrower that you like and slowly add to your crowd-lending investment portfolio with MoolahSense. As it eventually grows over time, you will need to have a comprehensive and simple method to keep track of your portfolio with MoolahSense.

MoolahSense has launched a new Dashboard to serve its investor community better. Read on to find out how MoolahSense is here to help you succeed as a retail investor.


Three Main Sections of the Dashboard

In this article, you would learn about the features of the new Dashboard according to the following sections:

  1. Account Summary
  2. Campaign
  3. Offers

Before you can access the Dashboard, you would have to first log in to your account. If you have not created an investor account on MoolahSense, click here.

To ensure that borrower’s information are only released to bona fide members, investors are required to login. Every investor would have to read our Terms of Service, Code of Conduct and Privacy and Data Protection Policy.


Account Summary

Account Summary

This section allows you to look at the status of your investment in one glance. Account Summary is necessary as there are different stages of deploying your debt capital with MoolahSense. It starts with the pool of money that you transferred into the platform from your bank account called Funds Available.

After you have chosen the borrower that you find creditworthy and have invested your money, this amount is Earmarked for investment until it gets accepted by the Issuer (the business/borrower who has launched its crowd-financing campaign on the platform).

Once the funds have cleared both on MoolahSense and the Issuer, the amount is then moved to Investment. Periodically, the borrower will have to pay back the principal and interest. These will go back to your Funds Available.

The Interest Earned to show the cumulative interest earned. This can be repeated throughout different investment cycles and watch your account grow. We would also show you your Avg Nominal Yield. For example, if you have 3 investments that yield 9%, 10% and 11% respectively, your average (avg) nominal yield would be 10%.

Assuming that you placed your offers in 6 different campaigns and 3 of them accepted your eligible offers, the Success Rate will then show as 50%.



The Campaign section shows you the current Issuers who seek financing through the platform.


As you can see from above, the standard features of a campaign include:-

  • Issuer’s name and photo of its business
  • Target Rate: Interest rate that the borrower is willing to pay.
  • Days Left: Before the campaign ends.
  • Tenor: Refers to the entire loan period, typically between 1-4 weeks.
  • Type: Refers to the name of repayment structure
  • Repayment Frequency: Indicates the frequency of payment investors will receive from the issuer.
  • Allocation Mode: Denotes process of placing offers for investors
  • Progress Bar: Shows the percentage of funds earmarked and also in fractions. Funds earmarked have to hit a certain threshold (70% of target amount or at least $100,000) before Issuers can accept the loans. This is to safeguard investor’s interest and to lower chances of default. Unaccepted loans will be moved from Earmarked to Funds Available.
  • Invest Button: The main function used to invest after you have gone through the details of the loan. Placed offers cannot be reversed/withdrawn unless the campaign is oversubscribed.
  • Details Button: All the details of the loan including the issuer’s profile and credit matrices such as current ratio and more.

This section allows you to see at a glance the various on-going crowdfunding campaigns at different stages. Easily compare relevant information of all campaigns to help you make informed investment decisions.



The Offers section comes after you have invested in a campaign with the condition that the issuers accepted the loan. Before a campaign begins, the borrower would have accepted a legally binding note which promises periodic loan repayment on a timely basis or face legal action from MoolahSense. This note will be valid once the loan has been accepted and the funds have been disbursed to borrower.


The Offers table lists down all successful campaigns that you have participated in as an investor. Each column includes:-

  • Note ID: Identifies each successful campaign based on the note that the borrowers had signed earlier
  • Company Name: Shows you the Issuer’s name
  • Maturity Date: Tells you the exact day where you can get your investment returns.
  • Total Amount Accepted: Shows the full amount targeted to be raised or simply a partial amount that the Issuers accepted
  • Note Description: Indicates the type and period of the loan
  • Repayment Frequency: Indicates the frequency of payment investors will receive from the issuer.
  • Accepted Rate: Shows the final rate that the borrower accepted
  • Number of Repayments: Allows you to easily track the repayment schedule
  • Total Repayment Received: Includes all your investment returns received to date. Mouse over on the question mark tooltip to view the actual amounts of principal and interest.
  • Latest Status: Refers to the status of your repayments – either ‘Paid’ or ‘Pending’.


Loan Details

Loan Details

On the left of the Note ID, there is an arrow facing right. When you click it, the arrow turns down to reveal more details of each loan. The additional details include:

  • Date of Offer: Provides the exact system timestamp as to when you have placed your offer/s.
  • Amount Offered: Shows the amount which you agree to lend to the borrower as an investment
  • Amount Accepted: Refers to the amount of offer the borrower has accepted
  • Target Rate: Indicates the interest rate the borrower is willing to pay
  • Rate Offered: Shows the interest rate that you want the issuer to accept. The higher you set it, the lesser chance of success. You can mitigate that by offering multiple loans with different offer rate as seen above. If you ask for a rate that is higher than the target rate, the system will automatically reject it.
  • Repayment Schedule: This opens up a new table as seen below which details the repayment schedule.

Repayment Schedule


  • Documentation: This opens up a link that will show you the relevant documents of the Issuer such as profile and credit matrices at the time of borrowing for your future reference.
  • Status: This shows if your offer has been accepted by the borrower. It would show either ‘Accepted’ or ‘Rejected’.

This sums up the Offers feature. As you can see, this feature allows you to track your investment activities on MoolahSense.

MoolahSense has enhanced the Dashboard to serve its investor community better. Once you log in to our website, you will have a comprehensive overview of the summary, campaigns available and your existing investments.

Want to learn more about the Dashboard? Watch our short video tutorial here.

Haven’t signed up for an account yet? Start here.

If you have any feedback or questions about the investor Dashboard, feel free to contact us at 6871 8780 or info@moolahsense.com.

We will be happy to clarify any doubts that you have about debt-based crowdfunding with MoolahSense and guide you towards a prosperous and long-term investment journey with us.