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Introducing Two-Factor Authentication for Better Security

Introducing Two-Factor Authentication for Better Security


Your account security is of utmost priority and that’s why we’ve introduced a Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) which enables you to securely access your account and keep your data safe.

This security feature requires you to enter a One-Time Password (“OTP”) as well as your User ID and Password every time you log into your MoolahSense account. The OTP is sent to your mobile phone number which is registered on our system.

To set up 2FA for your account, please follow these simple steps:

When you log into your account, you will see the window which will display the last four digits of your registered mobile number. If it is correct press the “Send OTP” button.

If the last four numbers are incorrect, then, please click the “Update” button, enter your correct number and click the “Save” button. This is a one-time registration for 2FA and you will not be required to perform this action for subsequent logins.


After saving your mobile number, please click the “Send OTP” button. You will receive a six character code via SMS. Enter the code and click “Submit”.


You will get a confirmation pop-up which will prompt you to login again. This will enable 2FA for your account.

After entering your login details and the OTP, you can access your dashboard and proceed to perform all transactions.


Congratulations! Your account and data are now equipped with better security.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems while registering setting up your 2FA, please contact us via email at admin@moolahsense.com or call us on +65 68718780 and a member of our Customer Success team will be more than happy to respond to your queries.




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