How and when do I receive my payments?

For Business Loans, Issuers (SMEs) will make their loan repayments according to the payment structure of the Promissory Note, which will be either one or a combination of the following:

  1. Bullet – Investors will receive a lump-sum repayment, consisting of both principal and interest, at the end of the loan tenor (either 3 or 6 months)
  2. Equal Instalment – Investors will receive a fixed repayment, consisting of a portion of the principal and an amortised interest monthly, for a period of up to 24 months
  3. Interests Only – Investors will receive interest repayment every month. The lump-sum repayment of the principal will be made upon the maturity of the loan
  4. Payment Holiday – This is a slight variation of the Equal Instalment payment structure. Investors will receive interest repayments only during the first three (3) months and monthly equal instalments of principal and interests in the next nine (9) months
  5. Callable – An Issuer (SMEs) has an option to redeem the contractual note early on a quarterly basis. If the note is not redeemed, the Issuer (SMEs) pays interests on a quarterly basis and the principal will be repaid in the quarter that the redemption is early called or on the maturity date

For Invoice Financing, Issuers (SMEs) will make payment, comprising of the principal amount you extended to finance an invoice and the interest, on the maturity date of the invoice financing period, which typically lasts for 15-90 days.

Before investing in a campaign, you can check the Issuer’s indicated tenor on the MoolahSense Dashboard. The repayment dates will be indicated in the contract note and under the Offers Table on your Dashboard.

We will credit your repayments into your MoolahSense account 3-4 business days after the scheduled repayment date that is indicated on the Issuer’s contract note. This is to allow for the transactional clearance of the multiple channels of payment currently used by our Issuers.

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