How and when will MoolahSense update the late repayment progress of an Issuer (SME) to affected investors?

Investors will receive progress updates on the Investor’s dashboard every Friday.

For chaser of late repayment with Issuers (SMEs), our team will engage with the Issuers (SMEs) and encourage them to get back on track with their outstanding repayments. Through the engagement we forged with the Issuers (SMEs), we are able to provide the progress update and made known to you if the Issuers (SMEs) are able to make the repayments that result in full recovery or an Issuer (SME) becomes apparent that payments will not be forthcoming for an extended period of time e.g. if the issuer is wound up or the Director or Personal Guarantor becomes bankrupt.

To access the late repayment updates on the Investor’s dashboard, follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. click on the ‘Investments’ icon that found on the left-hand side of your dashboard.
  2. click on the Note ID of the late promissory note.
  3. View the late repayment notification listed under the ‘Remarks’ column (see screenshot below).

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