In the event that the SMEs that I had invested in does not honour its loan repayment obligation, should I initiate the debt recovery effort?

We advise you to allow MoolahSense to recover the monies on your behalf.

MoolahSense will represent Investors to recover the monies owed by SMEs who have defaulted their repayments.  Among other things, MoolahSense will make telephone calls and send letters of demand to the SMEs and their management.  This saves the Investors time and effort from having to make such calls and send such letters on their own.

In addition, if any monetary costs are required to be paid by Investors for any debt collection actions (such as for the appointment of lawyers to commence formal legal proceedings), MoolahSense will coordinate the collective payment of such costs among the Investors, and such costs can then be split between affected investors.  This will help the investors to save on monetary costs compared with an investor taking legal action on his or her own, in which case the investor will have to bear the entire legal costs himself.

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