What are the fees payable?

MoolahSense charges an application fee and/or a success fee to issuers who wish raise capital on its platform as below: 

  • Invoice Financing: Annual Application fees – $1000; Success fees – 1% per month calculated on a pro-rated basis (minimum $750)
  • Unsecured Loan (non-hipo) : Application fees $500; Success fees 4% p.a. of accepted amount (minimum $4000)
  • Unsecured loan (hipo): Application fees $750; Success fees 4% of loan amount (minimum $3500)

Calculation Example 

The success fees charged to issuers is between 3-5% of the amount of capital raised and the eventual amount disbursed to issuers will be net of the success fee. For example, an issuer raises S$100,000 through the MoolahSense platform and pays a success fee of 3% of the capital raised (i.e. S$3,000). In this instance, the amount disbursed to the issuer will therefore be S$97,000 (S$100,000 – S$3,000).


*These fees are subjected to changes and may differ based on case-by-case basis. Please contact us directly to find out more. 

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