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Purpose of Campaign

Due to a surge in customer orders this year, the Company needs additional funds to purchase new filtration equipment, and also to cover marketing costs as it plans to make aggressive expansion into the B2C sector. It currently has to fulfill approximately $183,300 in existing orders from clients.

About the Issuer

The Company's business model consist of the following: 

(1) Single point general contract for sub fab equipment maintenance services 

(2) Capital equipment manufacturing contract for Microwave enhanced vapor deposition (MECVD) equipment for lab grown diamonds  

(3) Service contract for supply chain management, installation and life-cycle management for lab grown diamond customer  


The Company is in the business of providing turnkey engineering solutions for  

(a) Single point general contractor for wafer fab support equipment (Sub fab equipment) maintenance services, including vacuum equipment, chillers, abatements systems MRO  

(b) Capital equipment system contract manufacturing for lab grown diamond  

(c) Capital equipment life-cycle management (sales, installation, (after) warranty service support) for electronic/semiconductor industries in Asia Pacific region.


Issuer Summary

Date of Listing:
July 14, 2016
12 months
Repayment Type:
Equal Instalment
Repayment Term:
Target Interest Rate:
17.00% p.a.
Asset Purchase

Funding Summary

Percentage Funded:
Total Amount of Eligible Offers:
Number of Unique Investors:
Range of Offers:
S$5,000 ~ S$13,000
Note Rate:
17.00% pa
Number of Allocated Investor(s):
Highest Rate From Eligible Offer(s):
Lowest Rate From Eligible Offer(s):
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