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On behalf of our SME issuers, thank you for your interest to fund and support their growth.

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In our endeavor to continuously improve User Experience on our platform, we have recently launched the Cooling-Off Day feature to provide investors sufficient time in evaluating campaign listings, effective from 13 April 2016. Now you will be able to review the details of the notes one (1) day prior to actual launch. A countdown timer will indicate the time a campaign goes “LIVE” and at such point, the INVEST button will get activated.

We have registered a surge in the number of participating investors and corresponding increase in the volume of transactions on our platform. In order to better manage the growing Nexium online volume of fund transfer requests and to provide greater certainty and consistency in user experience, we shall be implementing a cut-off time for the processing of fund transfers.

Your MoolahSense (MS) account shall be credited/debited as per following schedule:


Investor Request

Cut-Off Time

Processed By (every business day)

Fund Transfer In

Credit in MS account

11:59 PM (midnight)

Previous Day

11:00 AM

Fund Transfer Out

Withdrawal from MS account

4:59 PM

6:00 PM

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Your MoolahSense (MS) account shall be credited/debited as per following schedule:

In order not to miss out on funding campaigns, kindly ensure that your MS account is funded before the cut-off time to participate.

These changes will be implemented with effect from 18 April 2016 (Monday).

Thank you and we look forward to your continued support.

A friendly note from the MoolahSense Team