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Cost-Saving Crowdfunding, Freedom on Wheels (Case Study #1)

SME Success Story Series (Case Study #1): Cost-Saving Crowdfunding, Freedom on Wheels with FALCON MOBILITY

How did a local SME attracted over $323,000 of funding within 7 days, and even managed to save cost during the process? Crowd-financing on MoolahSense enables them to do so.

In the upcoming months, we are openly sharing with you the exciting journey of SMEs (small-to-medium enterprises) that have successfully raised funds through MoolahSense, the pioneer, most trusted and legally compliant peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform in Singapore.

In the first part of our SME Success Story Series, we are glad to feature one of our most recent campaign with Falcon Mobility who launched its campaign shortly after the Chinese New Year.

Continue reading to find out how they did so!

About Falcon Mobility

Founded in 2007, Falcon Mobility Augmentin started in a one-man-show operated 160 sqf office in Science Park. Since then, it has grown with a strong and committed team, managing two showrooms that occupy more than 2,000 sqf.

Today, Falcon Mobility is Singapore’s leading distributor of mobility scooters and motorised wheelchairs for elderly and disable people. Its clients include all local major hospitals and retailers. Falcon Mobility is reputed for its reliable after-sales support so as to give customers a peace of mind. It provides value-added services such as free 3-day trials and extended warranties on all its mobility scooters.

Are you a business owner looking to raise your working capital? Are you looking at alternative financing to fulfil your sales order or meet your operational costs?

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