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Infographics: Allocation Mechanisms

Infographics: Allocation Mechanisms

MoolahSense is Singapore’s pioneer and most trusted peer-to-peer (P2P) lending and web-based platform where people invest directly in local businesses for fixed returns, supporting the core of our economy and fostering the entrepreneurial culture of Singapore.

Using information sourced from official sources and information providers, MoolahSense reviews all applications before businesses (corporates and limited liability partnerships) are allowed to list on the platform. Each business is identity checked and only businesses with at least 1 year of accounts filed with ACRA or have been in trading operations for 2 years

Investors then select who they wish to invest in by submitting note subscription offers. Investors can spread their risks by investing across different businesses. Embodying the spirit of access, an investor can start buy accutane pills online investing from S$100. View full disclaimer HERE.

With MoolahSense, businesses can raise funds from the ‘crowd’, diversify their source of financing and become empowered to accept their target interest rates. On the other hand, investors gain access to opportunities with potentially more attractive yields and participate together with businesses in their journey for growth.

How does it work?

With the innovation found only at MoolahSense, the platform provides investors and businesses with two allocation mechanisms: (1) Auction – similar to reversed-Dutch auction and COE bidding exercise; and (2) First-Come-First-Served.

See the infographics below for quick illustration (click the images to enlarge).



If you have any enquiries about the allocation mechanism, send us an email at or call 6871 8780.