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Retail Investors in Singapore to get more Choices?


Two earlier posts caught my attention:

  1. Singapore REITs lost almost 65% of their value during the financial crisis

  2. Deposits in banks may not be really safe as seen from Cyprus’ bailout

As a retail investor in Singapore, I am finding it increasingly challenging to preserve my purchasing power in the current low interest rate yet inflationary environment. This concern was also highlighted by DBS Bank Head of Consumer Banking Ms Tan Su Shan, who said “one of her key priorities is to create a larger pool of risk-adjusted investment tools” that are “high Priligy interest-bearing” and “low volatility” for the investing public here. (The Straits Times, 5/4/13, “Creating more tools for retail investors”).

 Currently, most corporate bonds and complex yield-enhancing structured products are offered in tranches of S$ 250,000 and are only available to accredited investors, who are defined under the Securities and Futures Act as those with net personal assets exceeding S$2 million or earning annual income of more than S$300,000.

While waiting for the traditional banks to roll out new retail investment products, I shall find out more about P2P lending.