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Save time with our Auto Allocation Service!

Increasingly, campaigns on our platform are getting funded within 30 seconds or less. Whilst we are delighted to see our investors diversifying their MoolahSense portfolio, some investors miss out on campaigns due to time constraints. To better serve this group of investors – we launched the Auto Allocation Service on your dashboard. The good news is – you can now subscribe to this service online!

What’s more? The minimum sum to invest per campaign has been reduced to S$100 with effect from 8 Jan 2018 and you can also set various investment preferences while subscribing to this service.

How does this work? This convenient service enables all qualified investors to set their investment preferences and participate in a campaign without having to login to the platform. Subscribing to this service gives you a unique AA contract ID number which is allocated on a first come first serve basis.

An investor can set investment preferences for the following: – Investment amount per campaign – Total number of campaigns – Investment frequency – Note types – Industry – Interest rates

Based on the above criteria and your Contract ID, your investment will be allocated to the matching campaigns subject to funds being available in your account.

Renewal: Once your subscription expires, you can renew your subscription to continue enjoying the Auto-Allocation service.

Fees: Currently, this is a free service for a limited time only! All registered investors will be notified of any charges in advance.

FAQ: For more information on this service, please click here and scroll down to the Auto-Allocation section.

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Our dedicated Business Services team has assisted over 200 companies from a variety of industries secure loans. Whether you need to expand your business or require a working capital, the MoolahSense platform is here to help you reach your business goals. Register online and get access to over a growing investor pool. For more information, call us on +65 6871 8780 or email us at

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