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[Sneak Peek] New Features Coming in our NEW Investor Dashboard

Our upcoming new investor dashboard is a total revamp of the existing dashboard. Our new dashboard will be mobile responsive so that you can easily access and review your investments on the go.

There are many exciting changes coming your way and here are some of them…

#1 New Dashboard Look

With the new Investor dashboard, you will notice that the entire look and feel will now be simpler and easier to navigate. Important information and metrics are arranged in a manner that allows you to find the information you need in a glance.  

The frontpage is also designed to show you the key metrics that would be of interest to you. You will be able to see the details of your investments, breakdown of the funds in your account and also have a comparison of how well your portfolio fare against other investors on our platform.

#2 Enhanced Campaign Detail Screens

The new campaign details page is also enhanced to present the information in a more digestible manner. The summary how to buy accutane online highlight the key information of the campaign. You will also be able to see your available funds and make an investment within the same screen.

Plus, with the new interface being mobile friendly, all these investments can be done on the go as well on your mobile phone.

#3 Simplified Menu for Easier Access

One other major change in the dashboard is the modification of our menu items. We’ve re-organised the items into 4 Main Tabs: Dashboard, Investments, Wallet and Reports. This is done to create convenience for you so you can easily perform tasks without moving away from your current screen.

For example, you can now review your available funds, make a Fund Transfer In or Fund Transfer Out request on the same page.

There are a lot more awesome features coming your way and we will be able to share them with you in greater details once the new Investor dashboard goes Live.

Keep an eye on your inbox and our Facebook page ( for the launch announcement!