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We are here at Fintech Festival 2017!

We have been preparing for months just for this day. Finally, on 14 Nov’17, we set our foot into the hall and started to set up our booth. On the very day when the doors opened to welcome delegates and visitors alike, our excitement and anticipation were sky high.

Just what is this FinTech Festival and why we were this excited about it? It is the world largest FinTech Festival where it welcomes more than 25,000 participants from over 100 countries. A significant increase from the previous year that saw 13,000 participants of from 60 countries. The event gathered leaders from financial institutions, Valtrex venture capital firms, FinTech companies, start-up, central bank and regulatory agencies to exchange, share and showcase their financial technology and solutions. The event was held at Expo Singapore starting for 3 days from 14 Nov to 16 Nov’17 and not everyone gets to participate in this event except those that has been shortlisted.

Through this event, we get to meet people from the global marketplace. The buzz word there were blockchains, AI, Robo Adviser and of course how the crowdlending platform has expanded beyond small businesses to equity, personal/student loans and real estate as well.

Final word, it is a great event for us!