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Purpose of Campaign

The Company will allocate half the funds raised into working capital to setup its new Taiwanese operations, and the other half of funds to buy supplies and materials to fulfil its present projects.


About the Issuer

The Company is a manufacturer and supplier of high-grade, temperature-resistant elastomer seals, which are extensively used for high-performance sealing applications in sanitary stainless steel parts, sanitary grade hoses and fittings. Aside from seal manufacturing, the Company also provides design, customization and production.

Their main customers are from Pharmaceutical, Bio-Technology and Semi-Conductor Industries in Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Thailand, while its suppliers are from Japan and Italy.

In 2001, the Company initially began as a distributor of elastomer seals to the semi-conductor and pharmaceutical industries. To achieve cost advantages, the Company later setup its own manufacturing plant to make these seals. With over 15 years of in-depth experience in delivering high-performance seals suitable for chemically aggressive environments, the Company has also created its own unique and proprietary sealing technology, having gained an in-depth understanding of semi-conductor processes and sealing requirements.



Issuer Summary

Date of Listing:
November 19, 2017
0 months
Repayment Type:
Repayment Term:
Target Interest Rate:
% p.a.

Funding Summary

Percentage Funded:
Total Amount of Eligible Offers:
Number of Unique Investors:
Range of Offers:
0 ~ 0
Note Rate:
% pa
Number of Allocated Investor(s):
Highest Rate From Eligible Offer(s):
Lowest Rate From Eligible Offer(s):
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